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Institutional accreditation 2023


Appendix 1.  PHE Theology Curriculum

Appendix 2.  MA Theology Curriculum

Appendix 3.  MA Studies in Christian Culture Curriculum

Appendix 4.  PHE Theology Curriculum With Changes Made in 2018

Appendix 5.  MA Theology Curriculum With Changes Made in 2018

Appendix 6.  MA Studies in Christian Culture Curriculum With Changes Made in 2018 and 2021

Appendix 7.  Statutes of the Institute

Appendix 8.  Statutes of the Institute's Foundation

Appendix 9.  Statute of the Faculty of Theology

Appendix 10.  Development Plan 2022–2026

Appendix 11.  Action Plan 2022–2026

Appendix 12.  Statute of Curriculum

Appendix 13.  Study Regulations of the Faculty of Theology

Appendix 14.  Conditions and Regulations of Recognition of Prior Learning

Appendix 15.  Admission Rules of the Faculty of Theology

Appendix 16.  Rules of Procedures for Ensuring Professional Development for Academic Staff

Appendix 17.  Procedure and Requirements of Evaluation of the Qualification of the Academic Staff

Appendix 18.  Regulations for Elections of the Academic Staff

Appendix 19.  Job Description for the Academic Staff

Appendix 20.  Recommendation for Designing the Work Volumes of Learning

Appendix 21.  Estonian Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Appendix 22.  Regulation for Submission, Approval and Defence of a Dissertation

Appendix 23.  Data of the Academic Staff

Appendix 24.  International Mobility of the Academic Staff, 2018–2022

Appendix 25.  International Visiting Lecturers, 2018–2022

Appendix 26.  International Mobility of Students, 2017–2022

Appendix 27.  Students Survey Questions After Completion of the Subject

Appendix 28.  Employees' Participation in the Activities of Social and Professional Associations in 2022

Appendix 29.  Students' Participation in Social Associations and Activities in 2022

Appendix 30Internship Management of Different Study Programmes

Appendix 31Popularization of the Institute's Activities and Public Services and Endeavors

Appendix 32An Example of the Study Process Throughout Six Semesters, PHE and MA Theology

Appendix 33.  Achieved Results of the 2018–2021 Action Plan

Appendix 34Results of Student Feedback Surveys, 2020–2022

Appendix 35.  Results of Employee Satisfaction Survey, 2022

Appendix 36.  Lifelong Learning Courses, 2018–2022 (in Estonian)

Appendix 37.  Instruction of Compiling Students’ Papers and Research Papers (in Estonian)

Appendix 38.  Risk Analysis of the Work Environment of the Institute (in Estonian)

Appendix 39.  EELC Clergy Competency Model (in Estonian)

Appendix 40.  Syllabus of PHE Theology: History of Christianity in Estonia

Appendix 41.  Syllabus of PHE Theology: Introduction to Theology

Appendix 42.  Syllabus of PHE Theology: Orthodox Ecclesiology

Appendix 43.  Syllabus of PHE Theology: Proseminar in Systematic Theology

Appendix 44.  Syllabus of PHE Theology: Practice of Liturgy and Homiletics

Appendix 45.  Syllabus of PHE Theology: Supervised Practice in Pastoral Care and Counselling II

Appendix 46.  Syllabus of MA Theology: Early Christianity and Special Problems in the NT Theology

Appendix 47.  Syllabus of MA Theology: Johannine Literature

Appendix 48.  Syllabus of MA Theology: Seminar in Religious Studies

Appendix 49.  Syllabus of MA Theology: Advanced Seminar in Systematic Theology

Curricula Vitae of the Academic Staff

Here are presented CVs of the academic staff who do not have an English CV on ETIS account.

Ove Sander CV

Damaskinos Olkinuora CV

Annika Laats CV

Madis Palli CV

Marelle Erlenheim CV