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Tartu Academy of Theology

On July 1, 2013, Tartu Academy of Theology, a College of Applied Sciences joined the EELC Institute of Theology and continues to work as a structural unit of the Faculty of Theology.

The aim of the Tartu Academy of Theology is to continue providing high-quality training in the field of pastoral care as part of theological studies and also through in-service training in cooperation with the Department of Continuing Education of the Institute of Theology.

The structural unit Tartu Academy of Theology is headed by the Head of the Department, MA Siimon Haamer.

In addition, the staff of Tartu Academy of Theology includes Eenok Haamer, M.Sc., Kristiina Mõttus, Head of the Office, and a lecturer in the field of pastoral care, mag.theol. Naatan Haamer.

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