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Even the smallest donation makes difference!

Bank account owner: Eesti Evangeelne Luterlik Kirik

Bank: SEB bank, code 401
Accountnumber/IBAN: EE331010220203777227

A support system for the students and the profesors of IT was created last Spring – an Endowment Fund, named after IT founder Evald Saag (ESF), ESF kindly accepts donations from the private and the legal persons.

The purpose of ESF is to support those students and professors having limited opportunities to complete either their own studies or to performe scientific research. The overarching goal of the ESF is to support church ministry.

In order to appoint certain scholarships we have convened the ESF Council as a decision making organ. Scholarships are awarded twice a year in Fall and Spring.

In USA donation to ESF are collected in partnership with:

East European Mission Network

2111 Golf Course Rd SE, Suite C, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Phone: 555-990-1639, Email:, Web:

Mail a check to EEMN office, specifying in the memo portion that donation goes to ESF.